Adequate ventilation in commercial buildings is vital to maintain a comfortable environment in which to work, eat, shop, relax, learn or pursue any other activity. Not only does an adequate supply of fresh air and a healthy amount of air movement produce a pleasant working environment, it also ensures compliance with legislation, which requires minimum levels of fresh air supply in order to avoid an unhealthy environment and even ‘sick building syndrome’.

In these times of great emphasis on energy conservation it is becoming more common to utilise purpose designed ventilation systems to give cooling effects in buildings rather than relying solely on air conditioning systems which use a larger amount of energy than simple fan systems.

With the requirement for good air distribution comes the need for ductwork systems to supply and extract air, and to having well designed components such as air grilles, positioned to avoid draughts etc.

Good ventilation design also takes account of the need to avoid wasting heat in cold weather. If warm air is extracted, then there is a waste of expensive energy in heating the fresh air from outside which is needed to replace it. Modern systems use heat reclaim units which transfer the heat from the outgoing stale air to help heat the incoming fresh air, and thus reduce the need for energy to do this by conventional means.

AGS can advise on clients’ requirements, good practice and energy efficiency, then supply and install the right solutions for their buildings, to maximise performance and minimise energy consumption in the future.

The company's philosophy is always to act in the clients’ best long term interests and not to suggest the most complex and expensive solutions when these are not justified. AGS is passionate about developing long term relationships with its clients, covering planned maintenance as well as reactive service and future development needs. This is again summed up in the company's three watchwords – Innovation, Dedication and Service.

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    why use AGS?

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