The Revolution in Intelligent Measurement and Control

The co-founders of AGS Technical Solutions have between them a lifetime’s experience of dealing with the maintenance needs of the most well known brands in retailing and particularly in supermarkets. This has led to the development of truly innovative, unique and cost-effective solutions to help solve some of the problems faced by these major national organisations.

One such solution is the AGS patented DataCastar system, developed and trialled with total reliability and success in stores of one of the top supermarket chains.

A problem for all who sell chilled or frozen food is the need to comply with statutory requirements by ensuring that all such product is recorded as being kept at the right temperature at all times, to avoid the possibility of bacterial growth and product deterioration.

In major supermarkets this is usually handled by an integrated monitoring system which is wired back from each fridge cabinet to a central processor.

A problem arises when dealing with mobile cabinets which are wheeled around the store to be positioned in different locations. Someone has to probe the product several times a day and record the readings for storage. This is obviously labour intensive and prone to human error. The only wiring available to them, is the appliance's mains lead with no economic way of digitally recording and monitoring the temperature.

One solution to automate monitoring is to use wireless or RF transmitters on each cabinet and a central receiver. Experience has proved that such systems are subject to inaccuracies caused by interference, signal blocking, poor battery life and other problems which may corrupt the data and lead to unreliable logs.

To solve this problem AGS has developed the AGS DataCastar monitoring and control system. Each cabinet is fitted with a small unit the size of a standard UK double socket, fixed within the cabinet and simply wired with the normal mains lead. It is not phase dependant and will work on any phase.

AGS DataCastar can be fitted with up to three super-accurate sensors (PT1000), which constantly monitor temperatures, automatically calibrating themselves before each reading. The readings are transmitted through the mains wiring and picked up by a receiver (the size of a double socket outlet), plugged into a conveniently located standard electric socket and then transmitted to the store's monitoring system, stand alone PC or laptop.

Each AGS DataCastar receiver can manage 256 transmitters, and all data automatically stored or used to generate alarms etc. This system is accurate and reliable: it does not need batteries, is secure, maintenance free and is extremely cost effective.

AGS DataCastar can do so much:

  • monitors temperature
  • monitor energy consumption
  • measure current
  • measure vibration
  • switch on/off
  • switch programs and parameters
  • not phase dependent
  • potentially monitor and record anything which can be electronically measured.

Diagram to explain DataCastar operation

AGS DataCastar operation schematic diagram illustrating the flexibility of the system. Larger image available in Downloads.

Imagine a car park with dozens of lights all wired from a single supply, daisy chain style. Normally, they can either be all on or all off.  AGS DataCastar's unit can switch each lamp on or off, via a single receiver and a computer located anywhere else on site and simply plugged into the nearest 13amp socket.

The system has been used to switch off lighting at night in supermarket petrol station price signs. Although these have only a single underground supply cable, AGS DataCastar units are able to control these signs without affecting other equipment on the same circuit. This resulted in a significant energy saving and of course, a short payback period.

AGS DataCastar can measure a variety of inputs and save energy by switching off what isn't needed. It can even measure how much energy is being saved in the same unit, with no extra wiring, batteries or aerials. A truly amazing innovation.

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